Getting a Good Property Management Service

Do you own properties that generate income for you? It is likely that you have already considered acquiring the services of property management and that you have several questions on the subject. Indeed, one of the hottest topics affecting 95% of real estate owners of all kinds is how to choose the right property management service and whether it is necessary to have one.


Getting a property management service may seem complicated, so we have prepared a list of things you should not forget before hiring your manager.

  • What a good property management service should offer you

  • Ask the right questions

  • Verification of uses: not to be neglected

  • The benefits of using a property management service

What A Good Property Management Service Should Offer You

When you hire a property manager, you would be expected to be able to delegate a huge portion of your work and responsibilities. Before hiring your manager, be certain that they offer a complete service that meets all your needs at a competitive price. If you are investing in a property management service, be sure it is worth it and delegate as many tasks as possible to optimize the workload and performance of your building.

The service offered by property management service is generally divided into 3 management spheres. Financial management, rental management, and operations management, each of these spheres has several tasks that must be well executed for the service to be considered complete.

After verifying that the management performs all the tasks of a full service, there are other criteria to consider to help you better choose your dream property management service. Does the manager offer you a good service and everything you need to stand out from the rest? Do they offer 24/7 emergency service? Does the manager offer professional and courteous service? They must also offer you a personalized service that meets all your needs, so make it clear to them what your goals are.

Ask The Right Questions

During your pre-employment interview with your manager, do not be afraid to ask them about their service, background, business policy and their way of doing things. Know their lifestyle and the type of person they really are, conduct your investigation. A good property management service works in the field they are passionate about.

If management and real estate are really their most passionate, the property management service should participate in ongoing training, activities, and events that deal with management and others that deal with real estate.

To make sure that you have found the right property management service, here is a list of questions to ask also before hiring:

  • Who are their current customers and are these customers satisfied with their service?

  • Have they kept these customers for a long time? What is the reason their past customers do not do business with them anymore?

  • What kind of customer did they contact in the past?

  • Are the references for these clients and their various contacts available?

  • Do they have a good work ethic and healthy habits in their methodologies?

  • Are they well established in their workplaces and do they plan to stay in the field for a long time?

  • What is their rate of return and guarantee to minimize the risks?

Verification of Uses: Not to be Neglected

Some basic criteria apply when selecting your property management service and it is important to be aware of it, once the manager is hired, he takes on some of the enormous responsibilities of your building, indeed the tasks of the manager are numerous and it represents an equivalent risk for you and your property. To prevent a negative experience, be certain, before doing business with them, that is insured in Civil Liability for the administration of the property of others in case of error or omission.

Homeowners should also check from the outset that the designated manager has the education, professional training, knowledge, and experience that makes him the expert he claims to be. Do not be afraid to ask to see papers, test this knowledge and ask for references, there are far too many fake experts in too many areas.

The property management service must always act legally, with prudence and diligence. It's your good that it will represent and you do not want it to tarnish the image of your building. Make sure he is familiar with the legal system and all the formalities of the domain.

The Benefits of Using a Property Management Service

The property manager operates in 6 spheres in the field of management. This service serves to free you from all obligations and tasks related to all forms of management of your buildings. The manager becomes your resource person and your only contact for all the services necessary for the proper functioning of your buildings. From financial management to coordination of service providers, from rental management to operations management!

It is the gathering of all these needs and should work every day in order to increase its network of contacts to bring you the best entrepreneurs at competitive prices. What this service brings you is this gift everyone misses, time. By delegating all these tasks to a professional, you can be sure to have plenty of time on the hands for the rest of your business and the peace of mind you are looking for.

In Other Words, Here Is The Added Value Of Getting A Property Management Service:

  1. Peace of mind

  2. Allows and facilitates the possible expansion of your real estate

  3. Improve your quality of life

  4. Optimize the income of your real estate

  5. The delegation of tasks and optimization of your time

  6. Access to detailed monthly reports of the overall management of your buildings and more

Lastly, the reality is that it's important for you to identify what your priorities are as an owner and act accordingly. The acquisition of a property management service will be useful to you and if so, the most important thing is that you choose the right one.