Lafayette Hiking Trails

Lafayette locals and visitors love the multitude of hiking trails around the area. They make for an excellent place to jog, cycle, or even have a nice relaxing Walk whilst enjoying the sights. Here's a list of some of the best hiking trails in and around the city.


Alameda Creek Regional Trail

trail one.png

A favored trail for many living in California, Alameda Creek runs from the Niles Canyon to San Francisco Bay, giving it a trail on both sides of the creek. The south side is traditionally favored by cyclists due to the fact that it's paved, whilst the north side is unpaved and is often used by horse riders. Both sides are openly available for walkers or joggers too and are heavily used by all sorts of people. Novice bike riders will appreciate the fact that it's path is generally flat will little bumps, as well as the lack of any disruptive vehicles like cars.

Lafayette Reservoir Nature Are Rim Trail


This is a 5-mile long trail which loops around the Lafayette Reservoir. It's lightly trafficked and offer access to a beautiful lake and a variety of physical activities available at all seasons. For example, the presence of many high vantage points makes this a prime spot for bird-watching or sightseeing in general. These hills also provide a great training course for the fitness enthusiast who enjoys a morning or afternoon jog. It's a challenging path, but there's no better feeling than making it up the mountain and enjoying the spectacular view that awaits you at the top.

One thing to note is that during heavy rain, this route can become difficult to traverse or completely impassable because of the build-up of mud. Before planning a Walk in this area, always make sure to check the Weather forecast for any signs of Wet Weather. Pets like dogs and are not allowed unless they're kept on a leash, and there is a parking fee if you plan to drive to the trail.

Briones Hills Loop Trail

trail 2.png

Briones Hills is a 6.6-mile looped trail which is very much nature and wildlife intended. Whilst traversing this trail, you'll be greeted by a variety of wildflowers and natural flora, which makes for a beautiful and relaxing natural environment. You'll also enjoy many other natural sights, like open views of faraway hills and the presence of cows. Briones Hills is definitely the go-to path for those who desire a nature trip. You're also able to bring pets to this trail, and the trails are generally well maintained, with smooth paths and little bumps on the road.

Like the Lafayette Reservoir, Briones Hills can get muddy during wet weather. However, it doesn't get as bad. You won't get as much of a mud problem as you will when traversing the Lafayette Reservoir during heavy rain. And this makes it a perfect trail during the winter.

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