Things To Do in North Beach, San Francisco  

San Francisco’s North Beach is one of the city’s most diverse neighborhoods. It is historically known for housing many Italian Americans, and while this Italian influence is still strong today, there are many other ethnic groups currently residing in the area. Cultural elements from the Beat generation are also ever-present as North Beach had strong ties to the era.   With so many different cultures intertwining, there is plenty to do in this melting pot of a neighborhood. For a few ideas, consult the following guide during your next visit to North Beach.  

See Beach Blanket Babylon  

Beach Blanket Babylon is truly a unique part of the San Francisco experience. This satirical, musical act performs sold-out shows at Club Fugazi. The troupe makes use of comedy, crazy costumes, and over-sized hats to comment on pop culture.

The lineup and material are constantly changing to accommodate current events, so you’ll never see a show that was already performed. Because tickets go so quickly, make sure that you plan accordingly if you want to see this acclaimed show.  

Beat Museum  

The Beat generation in the United States challenged the ways of mainstream society during the 1950s. Prominent figures such as Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac spent time in North Beach and left a lasting impact on the area. The Beat Museum strives to honor their legacy and teach visitors about the movement.  

At the museum, you will find collections that hold photographs and other memorabilia from the period. There is also a vast book collection with works from notable Beat authors.     

Go to a Local Festival  

Where you currently live might have its own festivals, but you should take advantage of any that North Beach hosts during your stay. Visitors and locals alike enjoy the variety of food and music that reveals the area’s unique culture.

No matter what time of year you are visiting, you should be able to find a festival through local listings. The Oysters and Beer Festival and North Beach Festival, for instance, take place during the summer while the Art in the Alley exhibits in the spring.


The following eatery suggestions will ensure that you and whomever you are travelling with get to taste some of the best cuisine North Beach has to offer.

  • The Stinking Rose. This chain also has a Beverly Hills venue, but the original location resides in North Beach. The restaurant offers food considered to be a California-Italian fusion and, true to its name, uses a lot of garlic.

  • Liguria Bakery. Having been around for over a century, this family-owned bakery is another authentic Italian experience. They specialize solely in focaccia, an Italian bread that resembles pizza dough and is used for a variety of dishes.

  • Kennedy's Irish Pub & Curry House. If you are looking to explore other cuisines, check out this unique restaurant that combines Irish and Indian cooking styles.  

With this guide, we hope you will get the most out of your next trip to North Beach in San Francisco. Contact us at Omni Properties to know more about the area.