Tips and Guide to San Francisco’s Sunset District

San Francisco’s Sunset District

San Francisco’s Sunset District

The Sunset District in San Francisco is not only one of the most popular locations for locals to reside but also one of the most overlooked neighborhoods in the city. Located on the far west side of San Francisco, the Sunset District is nestled against the mighty Pacific Ocean and is a great gathering spot for taking in the splendors of the sun setting over the sea.


Located a short walk from many of the major tourist destinations tourists, the Sunset District boasts many wonderful things to see and do. Best of all, many of these activities are affordable. The following are some of the things visitors and new residents in the area must see when they come to visit the Sunset District in San Francisco.


Things to See


San Francisco is a very artistic city, and the Sunset District is no different. One of the quirkiest art installations in San Francisco is located at 16th Ave and Moraga where there are 163 tiled steps that you can ascend to get one of the better views in the city. This neighborhood project began in 2003, and over 300 citizens have contributed to the piece. 


For another inspiring view, take an urban hike to the summit of Mt. Sutro. Mt. Sutro is located in a dense eucalyptus forest that rises 900 feet above sea level, so you can view the entire city from the top. Due to it being above the fog line, most visitors will need to dress warmly as they move through the mist. 


The Sunset District is also located a block south of the famous Golden Gate Park. This is a great spot to relax in the summer and people watch as others meander throughout this massive open space.


Places to Eat

San Francisco is a culinary lover’s idea of paradise with excellent food options from all cultures. Some of the most popular places to eat in the Sunset District include:

  • Dumplings at King of Noodles - This is an excellent way to enjoy Chinese food in one of the original China towns in the United States. Whether you try dim sum or a traditional meal, you will leave happy and sated.

  • Chicken Wings at San Tung - The food is among the best Chinese places to eat outside of the Chinese mainland. Act like the locals and order Crack Chicken. You will not be disappointed even with the long wait at meal times.

  • Get a Drink at Sunset Reservoir Brewing Company - Located on a cliff top overlooking the Pacific Ocean, regulars dress warmly so they can enjoy the selection of craft beers and eclectic food options.


Things to Do


There is always something to do in San Francisco, but some of the most enjoyable activities include shopping at the General Store for gifts to take home. Located on 45th and Judah, this store is full of jewelry, arts, and gifts created by local artists. The calm vintage atmosphere is sure to relax you so much that won’t notice having spent several hours there. 


You can also shop the farmer’s market that is held every Sunday along 8th ave. Featuring only the freshest in local meats, cheese and produce, visitors enjoy the market year round.


Join Us in the Sunset District!


San Francisco is such a large city with so many enclaves to get lost in. The Sunset District is one such area with shops, restaurants and activities for the entire family. The next time you find yourself in San Francisco, be sure to try these recommendations to enjoy all that San Francisco has to offer. To know more about the area, especially if you are looking to join us in the Sunset District, get in touch with us today!