At Omni Real Estate & property management services, we pay attention to the details and provide top customer service to both owners and rental applicants. Lafayette is known for its rustic rolling hills and rural atmosphere. Convenient with its own Bart stop, Lafayette is situated between Walnut Creek, Orinda and Moringa.


Lafayette: Premium Property Management

Looking for property management services? For each residence, we do a complete market analysis on the housing trends and determine the best rent.  The trends for real estate in Lafayette and the housing market can vary depending on current interest rates, seasons and properties available to rent. 

Leasing of Homes, Townhomes, and Condos

Whether it’s a home, a townhouse or a condo, Omni provides a full leasing service/ property management. Our top management company will:

  • Prepare properties for rent
  • Provide Market Trends and analysis for best rental rates for Homes and Condos
  • Create a Specialized Marketing Plan for your home in Lafayette
  • Provide a Detailed and thorough tenant screening
  • Homes showings: Coordinate and personally showing your home to potential renters

Looking at different rent trends surrounding Lafayette, we can tell the market target for your Lafayette residence. We use our previous rental history rentals in the bay area including Lafayette to determine the best fit for your home.  We examine all demographics to make sure the best tenant is chosen for a successful rental property. 

Management of Rentals

Leasing of a home is just the first stage in property management. We know that your home, townhome or condo in Lafayette is an important investment.  We provide the following management services to our clients:

  • Rent Collection

  • Direct Deposits of Profit Disbursement

  • Monthly Profit and Loss Statements (Revenue and Expense)

  • Annual Tax Statement Preparation

  • Management of maintenance and rental coordination

  • 24 Hour maintenance Line

  • Real time access to rental property performance

Whether you are located in Lafayette, or the surrounding bay area, Omni Real Estate can provide you premier property management services

Housing Market in the Bay Area

Trying to decide whether to sell or rent your home in Lafayette, Ca? At Omni real estate, we can help determine the best option for homes. The market in Lafayette is similar to the rest of the bay area, and we can use trends of similar suburban areas to determine the best market price for a sale. Homes for sale in the bay area require a local real estate’s knowledge with the experience dealing with high end real estate sales.

At Omni, we differentiate from other corporate real estate companies in a variety of ways.  One of the owners, Dion Cheng, is born and raised in the bay area. Growing up in the suburbs of Lafayette and Walnut Creek area, he knows what makes this housing area so great.  Dissimilar large corporations, Omni is a private and locally owned real estate business where each client is treated like family. Dion and Rachel experience in real estate make sure that each client’s needs are met. Knowing the stress of a selling a home in the bay area and Lafayette suburb, they make sure to take care of any problems or obstacles that may occur during a sale of a home.

Here's a quick video showing Lafayette's Moraga Trail, one of the benefits of living in this area of Northern California.



Lafayette Real Estate Services

Just under 16 square miles, Lafayette is a great location for people looking for a condo or home close to the bay area San Francisco and Oakland area. The geographical boundary of the Berkeley Hills between Lafayette and Berkeley and Oakland areas give Lafayette a small town local feeling. The convenient Bart access also allows for commuters an easy way to get into the city.

A condo is a short for condominium and is a type of real estate that is divided into several units. It is a great investment and can also be rented out as an apartment. At Omni real estate we can either manage a condo, townhomes and houses or prepare for a sale. We do the market research on your home and its benefits to a potential buyer or renter. The Lafayette school district is a high selling point for those looking for long term renters in a house. Similarly, in California, Lafayette’s excellent school system makes selling a home in the bay area have a market edge over homes for sale in a different area.  We make sure your home is properly prepared for a sale. It’s never just about propping a for sale sign on a home. We do our market research so your best interests are captured. For example, we also like to read about local news and current events that may affect the rental market in Lafayette, East Bay. 

Why Choose Us?

A boutique real estate office, we specialize in specific local areas (Lafayette and Walnut Creek) and look out for your financial interests. With over 15 years of experience in homes for sale and property management in the Bay Area, Dion and his associates know all about the school systems, commute times, under the radar red flags, local restaurants, shops and everything a potential client would want to know about the Lafayette and surrounding bay area Northern California area.

Comparing to other property management companies in the Lafayette California area, we provide a 24 hour maintenance line to handle any issues regarding your property. The rental market can be a hassle for owners, so Omni provides the interface between the owner and the renter. Using the latest technology, we can provide property management performance details along with the monthly service report (of rent collected and expenditures).

Our real estate sale history shows that we are capable to cater to a wide variety of clients. Each sale is important to us, and we make sure that your home is evaluated against the other recent sales in the market and comparable homes. We have an excellent client record as seen on our google reviews and yelp reviews. We make sure that each home for sale and rental property receives the upmost care and attention.