Nob Hill: A Beginner’s Guide


San Francisco is the ultimate destination, whether you’re here to stay or play. Every neighborhood has its own character; but one of the best has to be Nob Hill.


Here you’ll find a blend of cool restaurants, plenty of public transport, and a combination of stunning building and marvelous hills that lend to miles of exploration. And as you walk around, here are some of the best spots to check out:


Grace Cathedral


Let’s start at somewhere truly breath-taking: Grace Cathedral. Nestled inside blocks of modern buildings lies the biggest Gothic structure in the whole of the West. This gem, that houses the Porto de Paradiso, was erected in 1927.


The Porto are why many find their way to the cathedral outside of mass, as many people claim that in the 15th century Michelangelo said they were fit enough to be the gates of heaven. Some visitors find the golden doors, which were cast in Italy by Lorenzo Ghiberti, the true highlight. Both make Grace Cathedral the perfect place to stop and stare.


And when you’re done taking in the majesty of the stunning building, it may be time for a snack!


Bob’s Donuts


Warm, flaky, and delicious are three words to describe any donut, but don’t do enough justice to the ones served at Bob’s Donuts. A Nob Hill staple has to be the crumb donut, though here you’ll find something to fit any palate. Grab one and head out to see the sights or enjoy one as soon as you get it in the store! Either way – it definitely tastes better in San Francisco.


Huntington Park


Next, you’ve got to head to the green heartbeat of it all, Huntington Park. The park which sits between the Pacific Union Club and the Huntington Hotel is the essential meeting place. No matter where you go, green space is important, and you’ll find it a total oasis here in Huntington Park.


The manicured and flower lined square even has a replica of Rome’s Fountain of the Turtles; or ‘Fontana delle Tartarughe’ if you really want to impress. The bubbling centerpiece was donated by the Crocker family, and the whole park looks stunning after its 1984 renovation. The park’s picturesque setting lends to people flocking there in happy groups.


Huntington Hotel


When you’re done lounging in the glory of the park, come to the incredible rooftop bar of the Huntington Hotel. Take the in the view of the park-goers standing where you were stood just moments ago!


At the top of the hotel you’ll find a whole new perspective of the park and all its inhabitants. The 140-room hotel used to be a block of apartments but now hosts a dignified list of guests. If you’re a royal fan it might make you happy to know Princesses Margaret and Grace once visited these halls. The stunning interior means you’ll be in awe from the lobby all the way up to the roof.


All in all, these highlights of Nob Hill only start to capture the magic of the neighborhood, one that can be summarized by:


  •         Stunning Architecture

  •        The Best Donuts in the World

  •        An Absolute Oasis

  •         A Escape on High

  •         And so, so much more!