Myths and Tips on Lead Generation for Real Estate

Are you one of those real estate agents who are struggling to create leads? Have you ever imagined or do you understand the reality of quality lead generation for real estate? Do you know how to turn leads to potential clients? On this article, we will discuss the common myths about lead generation for real estate and we will provide some comprehensive tips to improve your strategies on lead generation for real estate.



Imagine this, there are a lot of young professionals who just got a job in San Francisco area and of course, if they live far from San Francisco, their first thought would be moving somewhere near their workplace in San Francisco. These young professionals can be one of your leads. The first step they would take is by searching Google, using the search term, “San Francisco apartments” or “apartments in San Francisco”. They would check the first result they see and if they already like it, they will give that result a call. Imagine that opportunity given to you if you only knew the reality of lead generation for real estate. As a professional real estate agent, it is your goal to be on top of paid and organic search results.  You have a website that you use so people like them can find you and you may have been missing this great opportunity.

There are more pieces to the puzzle in earning your desired lead generation for real estate aside from being actively present online. Here are the common beliefs that most people know about lead generation for real estate and we have included some tips to reveal how to counter them.

It’s not difficult to reach the peak of the results. Everyone thinks that they will have their website already on top of the search engine results and it will help them with lead generation for real estate. You may have also heard that quality content, link building, and some fresh content will put you on top. Unfortunately, we have to be honest; it’s not easy as you think it is. Dominating the search results don't just happen because you have all of these.

TIP: You need to plan and use a comprehensive strategy to have the upper hand in the search engines. Start with keyword research then add fresh content to your website. These strategies are proven by the experts and it would give you your desired lead generation for real estate. Promote your content through social networks, PR, and email marketing and this will boost your lead generation for real estate better.

Lead generation outmaneuvers lead management is the most common disbelief amidst real estate agents or even not in the real estate industry, but many business owners who lack the knowledge and experience with using online marketing. For example, you get 500 leads but then only 10 converts, so when you sum it up there is only a 0.02% conversion rate which is not enough to sustain your business. The poor lead management system can be caused by the low conversion rates you have. This may waste all of your hard work and money spent on marketing.

TIP: You need to guide your visitor all throughout the whole conversion funnel. When you have visitors already visiting your site and you have already provided them with your contact details next step will be continuing the determination of converting that lead. You need to hustle because this lead may come off as cold as they could become hot at one point just by spending time and more effort to nurture them.

Visitors are all interested in you. Visitors would care a bit but not right away. Prospects for lead generation for real estate that came from the search engine and has visited your website would generally want what they like to see first or what they searched for. After skimming through your site, that is the time they will check your profile right.

TIP: You must not make your website generally about you. You can include your personal information on your website in the "About" section but do not ever clog your homepage with too much personal information or else your prospect on lead generation for real estate would leave right away.

The beliefs about lead generation can go on and on but our simple tips can help you go a long way. Lead generation for real estate needs more attention than you think it does. These can be ways for you to get more people or leads. You need to make a comprehensive step by step strategy in reaching the top page results and pay more attention because it takes a lot to reach the top.

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