Vetting For Good Tenant With Rental Property Tour

If you are a landlord, you probably know how essential a rental property tour would surely affect the decision of the soon-to-be-tenant or leaser. This is also your chance to screen the rental applicants if they are suitable or capable of getting the property. To do your job successfully, you have to know the following guide factors when having a rental property tour:


1. Screening The Identity Of The Soon-To-Be-Leaser

An essential part of both the rental property tour and the rental applicant is to know their identity. It would help if the landlord asked the rental applicant for a photocopy of their valid id together with their property rental form. This should be fielded up with information and passed to the property owner or manager before the set property tour so that as a landlord or property owner, you can verify if the rental applicant does not have criminal intent.

2. Narrow Down Your Selection By Screening Them First If They Are Pre-Qualified

Another effective way to have a successful tenancy is doing first a pre-qualification screening for the rental applicants. This way you will know if the rental applicant has sufficient funds to backup or sustain their contract otherwise, you get a leaser faster that can be your future headache.

3. Be Keen In Observing The Rental Applicant When On Tour

Don't sell the property to the applicant, as a landlord or agent; you must also tune with how the applicant reacts. If you do all the talking during the property rental tour, you are preventing the applicant to ask questions. If the applicant is interested, if there be details you left unsaid, he or she would surely ask.

4. Rental Applicants Already Had The Plan In Their Mind

Another thing you must know if you are a beginner in property rental tour is that most of the rental applicants had already planned what their project during their lease with the property owner. It would be useless if you will oversell it. If they see that the property is what they need to do their business or goal, they will get it.

5. Be Organized And Tally The Details Of All Applicants In One Sheet

Scrolling down so many rental applicants can be tiring, much more if there are numerous of them who are on waiting list. If that is how lucky you are a property agent or manager, you can have a more organized work if you will have the rental applicant's details in one sheet of paper for convenient and quick reference.

6. Don't Forget To Follow Up

After talking with the applicant about the rules and regulations in the building or property during the tour, you may let the applicant for few days to let them draft a wise decision that is if they do not give any confirmation yet that they will sign the contract with you. After that, don't forget to call the applicant for follow up. This will determine if you already get a new lease or will have to look for another prospect again.